The CyberWire Daily Podcast 4.4.19
Ep 815 | 4.4.19

Keeping Winnti out of the goods while keeping an eye on them. GlitchPOS malware. What do apps want? Third-party Facebook data exposure. Digital hygiene. A scareware scam.

Show Notes

In today’s podcast we hear that Bayer, maker of pharmaceuticals and agricultural products, blocked an espionage attempt by China’s Winnti Group, and has been quietly monitoring the threat actor since last year. GlitchPOS and its evolution. Do those apps really need all that access? Two breaches of Facebook data by third parties. Some good digital hygiene notes:  change default passwords and backup your data in a secure and recoverable way. And no, there’s no CIA officer warning you’ll be arrested if you don’t pony up 1.4 Bitcoin. Craig Williams from Cisco Talos with research on GlitchPOS malware. Guest is Leo Simonovich from Siemens Energy on challenges and opportunities in the energy sector.