The CyberWire Daily Podcast 4.10.19
Ep 819 | 4.10.19

The Triton actor seems to be back. Project TajMahal is after diplomatic secrets. California’s motor-voter program and a DMV hack.

Show Notes

FireEye says that the Triton actor is back. There’s some ICS malware staged in an unnamed “critical infrastructure” facility, and it looks as if the people who went after a petrochemical plant in 2017 are back for battlespace preparation. Kaspersky describes Project TajMahal, a cyberespionage effort against a Central Asian embassy. And California’s motor-voter program hits a hacker-induced bump in the road. Johannes Ullrich from SANS and the ISC Stormcast podcast on protecting yourself from hidden cameras when vacationing. Guest is Dr. Ratinder Ahuja from ShieldX on Elastic Microsegmentation.