The CyberWire Daily Podcast 4.11.19
Ep 820 | 4.11.19

Julian Assange is out of the embassy and in custody. Pyongyang’s HOPLIGHT. Operations SneakyPastes. Incident response planning blues. High school jam.

Show Notes

Julian Assange is out of the Ecuadoran embassy and in British custody. He’s been found guilty of bail jumping, and will face extradition to the US on charges related to conspiracy to release classified material. Hidden Cobra is back with a new Trojan: “HOPLIGHT.” Kaspersky describes Operation SneakyPastes. IBM Security finds organizations don’t exercise incident response plans. Two New Jersey high school boys are in trouble for jamming Secaucus High’s wi-fi.  Jonathan Katz from UMD with his response to a skeptical critique of quantum computing. Guest is Maurice Singleton from Vidsys on the convergence of IoT security devices and IT security.