The CyberWire Daily Podcast 4.16.19
Ep 823 | 4.16.19

Fraud will follow fire, alas. Wipro compromise. DDoS in Ecuador. Brazil’s hacker underground. Selling a keylogger. Facebook and data. EU copyright law. Huawei’s prospects. Fact-checkin’, fer real.

Show Notes

Condolences to the city of Paris and the people of France. And, alas, expect fraud to follow fire. A compromise may have turned a company’s networks against its customers. Denial-of-service in Ecuador. A look at Brazil’s cyber criminals. Selling a keylogger, complete with terms of service. Facebook’s attitude toward data. The EU finalizes its controversial copyright law. Huawei’s prospects. And what did the algorithm know, and when did the algorithm know it? Emily Wilson from Terbium Labs with their Fraud Guides 101 report. Guest is Ed Bellis from Kenna Security on their latest research report focused on vulnerability remediation.