The CyberWire Daily Podcast 4.23.19
Ep 828 | 4.23.19

ISIS claims responsibility for Sri Lanka massacre. Spearphishing embassies in Europe. How the Blockchain Bandit probably did it. Mexican embassy doxed.

Show Notes

ISIS claims responsibility for the Sri Lankan bombings. The government maintains its declared state of emergency, and has arrested at least forty in the course of its investigation. Check Point describes a spearphishing campaign against embassies in Europe. It’s thought to be the work of the Russian mob. Weak keys let the “Blockchain Bandit” rifle alt-coin wallets. And a disgruntled bug hunter doxes one of Mexico’s embassies. Justin Harvey from Accenture on preserving digital evidence in the aftermath of a cyber attack. Guest is Maryam Rahmani on the upcoming NYIT Girls in Engineering and Technology Day.