The CyberWire Daily Podcast 4.24.19
Ep 829 | 4.24.19

Sri Lanka bombing investigation update. Christchurch call. ShadowHammer moves upstream. Carbanak in VirusTotal after all. Spoofing banks. Bots vs. Mueller Report. ASD’s best practices.

Show Notes

Sri Lanka investigates a homegrown jihadist group with possible international connections for the Easter massacres. New Zealand is preparing the Christchurch Call to exclude violent terrorist content from the Internet. ShadowHammer moves its supply chain attacks upstream. Carbanak source code seems to have been in VirusTotal for two years. Someone’s spoofing financial institutions. Bots surged upon the release of the Mueller report. ASD offers a counsel of perfection. Prof. Awais Rashid from University of Bristol on evidence based risk assessment. Guest is Michael P. Morris from Topcoder on the challenges of creating secure apps in the gig economy.