The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.9.19
Ep 840 | 5.9.19

Someone is after Tehran’s hackers. GitLab misconfiguration. AI’s attack potential. Amazon pursues hackers who defrauded sellers. DeepDotWeb indictments. Evil Clippy. Lunch hacks in San Mateo.

Show Notes

The Green Leakers release more information about Iranian cyber operators, including details about MuddyWater and the Rana Institute. A misconfigured GitLab instance exposes data used by Samsung engineers. Thoughts on how AI can shift the advantage to the attacker.  Amazon is after hackers who defrauded sellers. DeepDotWeb proprietors are indicted. “Evil Cippy” does VBA stomping. And a food fight in San Mateo’s corner of cyberspace. Justin Harvey from Accenture reviews cyber insurance. UVA’s Mariah Kenny shares her experience as captain of the championship winning NCCDC team.