The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.10.19
Ep 841 | 5.10.19

Breaches at AV companies? Pyongyang’s ElectricFish. Symantec’s CEO steps down. Calls to break up Facebook and regulate the pieces. US Federal indictments for leaks and breaches.

Show Notes

Fxmsp may have breached three anti-virus companies. US-CERT and CISA warn against a new North Korean malware tool being used by Hidden Cobra: they’re calling it “ElectricFish.” A changing of the guard at Symantec. Former Facebook insiders call for breaking up the company and for more regulation. Facebook disagrees about the breakup, but says it likes the idea of regulation. Two indictments are unsealed--one for leaking classified information, the other for the Anthem breach. Johannes Ullrich shares some vulnerabilities involving tools from Google. Verizon DBIR coauthor Alex Pinto shares this year’s key findings.