The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.21.19
Ep 848 | 5.21.19

BlackWater snoops through the Middle East. TeamViewer hacked. Android app behaving badly. A misconfigured database with scraped Instagram data. Ransomware notes. Huawei updates.

Show Notes

BlackWater is snooping around the Middle East. It’s evasive, and it looks a lot like the more familiar MuddyWater threat actor. TeamViewer turns out to have been hacked, and the perpetrators look like the proprietors of the Winnti backdoor. An Android app is behaving badly. Another unsecured database is found hanging out on the Internet. There’s a free decryptor out for a strain of ransomware, but  also it won’t help Baltimore. And the market’s look at the Huawei ban. Craig Williams from Cisco Talos discussing honeypots on Elasticsearch. Guest is Dave Venable from Masergy on cyber vulnerabilities at the infrastructure level.