The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.30.19
Ep 854 | 5.30.19

Malicious misdirection. Found on the subway. A summary of file exposure. Turla’s back, and as clever as ever. ICRC proposes rules of cyberwar. Baltimore ransomware update.

Show Notes

Malicious misdirection served up from unpatched WordPress sites. A big, big set of dating site records has been found exposed online--it’s in China, but the records seem to belong to anglophones. Many other files are exposed elsewhere, too, so it’s not a single problem. Turla’s back, and still after diplomats. The International Red Cross proposes rules for cyber conflict. And Baltimore City calculates the cost of not patching. It’s a lot higher than the cost of patching. Craig Williams from Cisco Talos with his take on a critical Microsoft vulnerability, CVE-2019-0708. Guest is Matt Aldridge from Webroot on the San Francisco facial recognition ban.