The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.4.19
Ep 857 | 6.4.19

Iranian brute-forcing tool leaked. Third-party data breach touches medical testing company. Ransomware news and updates. An antitrust look at Silicon Valley?

Show Notes

Jason, an Iranian brute-forcing tool, has been leaked. A third-party breach affects customer and patient data held by Quest Diagnostics. Eurofins Scientific is recovering from a ransomware attack. A look at Baltimore City’s ransomware infestation shows no signs of EternalBlue, security firm Armor says. Instead, it looks like “vanilla ransomware.” And the prospect of antitrust investigations drives down Big Tech stock prices, tipping the Nasdaq into a correction. Emily Wilson from Terbium Labs on dark web fraud guide pricing. Guest is Jordan Blake from BehavioSec on digital transformations.