The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.5.19
Ep 858 | 6.5.19

AMCA breach extends to LabCorp. Still no EternalBlue in Baltimore ransomware attack. Frankenstein malware. Real hacking isn’t like the movies. Huawei’s no-spy deal. US Data Strategy. Patch BlueKeep.

Show Notes

Another medical testing firm is hit by the third-party breach at AMCA. More officials say there’s no EternalBlue involved in Baltimore’s ransomware attack. (And that attack may have involved some doxing, too--investigation is underway.) Real hacking isn’t like the movies. It’s alive: Frankenstein malware, that is. Huawei offers a no-spy agreement. The draft US Data Strategy is out. Really, you should patch for BlueKeep. A university’s donor list exposed online. Ben Yelin from UMD CHHS on secret tracking pixels in emails to the Navy Times in a controversial legal case. Tamika Smith speaks with Ariana Mirian from UC San Diego on research on the Hacker for Hire market.