The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.7.19
Ep 860 | 6.7.19

Recruiting spies at university? GoldBrute botnet and RDP vulnerabilities. MuddyWater update. RIG delivers Buran. Achilles claims to sell access. NRC’s IG reports on cyber. Antitrust for Big Tech.

Show Notes

The Australian National University hack and data loss look to many observers like the work of Chinese intelligence services. The GoldBrute botnet is scanning vulnerable RDP servers. MuddyWater is back, undeterred by leaks and learning from the best. The RIG exploit kit is delivering Buran ransomware. Achilles says he’s got the goods. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission IG looks at cyber inspections. And Big Tech prepares for big antitrust. Robert M. Lee from Dragos on natural gas infrastructure security. Guest is Frank Downs from ISACA on the challenges educators face preparing the cyber security workforce.