The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.12.19
Ep 863 | 6.12.19

Shifting techniques in cybercrime. Miscreants take note: “the aperture” will henceforth be wider for US Cyber Command and offensive ops. What Radiohead did.

Show Notes

TA505 and Fin8 are both up to their old ways, with some new tricks in their criminal bag. A reminder about social engineering and Google Calendar. A new assertiveness is promised in US cyber operations, as the Administration “widens the aperture.” Updates on the security concerns that surround Huawei and ZTE. And Radiohead takes a different approach to online extortion--just render what they’re holding for ransom valueless. Craig Williams from Cisco Talos on the Jasper Loader. Guest is Lisa Sotto from Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP on cyber policy and privacy.