The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.21.19
Ep 870 | 6.21.19

US-Iranian tensions find expression in cyberspace as Refined Kitten returns. Facebook tries friction against abuse. Cryptominers in the wild. Lead generation for cyber criminals.

Show Notes

Tensions between the US and Iran over tanker attacks, nuclear ambitions, and the downing of a Global Hawk drone seem to be finding expression in cyberspace: Refined Kitten sees to be pawing for some American phish. Facebook tries friction as an alternative to content moderation in damping its abuse in fomenting South Asian violence. Cryptomining campaigns are showing some renewed vigor. And a look at lead generation for Nigerian prince scams. Mike Benjamin from CenturyLink on RDP scanning and the GoldBrute campaign. Guest is Michael Coates, former CISO for Twitter and former head of security for Mozilla, from Altitude Networks on better addressing the needs of CISOs and improving the sales process.