The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.25.19
Ep 872 | 6.25.19

Operation Soft Cell targets mobile networks. DC and Tehran trade barbs. Critical infrastructure concerns. Maryland’s Cyber Defense Initiative.

Show Notes

Operation Soft Cell was low, slow, patient, and focused, and apparently run from China. Washington and Tehran are woofing at each other, with more exchanges in cyberspace expected. Cyber due diligence is taken increasingly seriously during mergers and acquisitions. Short-sighted design choices affect app security. The US security clearance process gets an overhaul. Shimmers replace skimmers. And yesterday’s US Internet outage explained. Sergio Caltagirone from Dragos on the growing tensions between the US, Russia and Iran and how providers of critical infrastructure can prepare. Tamika Smith interviews Danielle Gaines, a reporter for Maryland Matters, on MD Gov. Hogan’s response to the Baltimore ransomware incident, the creation of the Maryland Cyber Defense Initiative.