The CyberWire Daily Podcast 7.1.19
Ep 876 | 7.1.19

Huawei spits the hook? CISA warns about the risk of Iranian cyberattack. Power grid security. Cryptocurrency and fraud. Content moderation. Senators like Hack the Pentagon.

Show Notes

Huawei gets to buy some products from US companies, again. CISA reiterates warnings about the risk of cyberattack from Iran. Considerations about power grid security. Cryptocurrencies draw criminals, and some of the scammers are looking ahead. Australia and New Zealand will conduct a simulation to study ways of removing “abhorrent content” from the Web. The Senate likes Hack the Pentagon. And tech enthusiasm or voyeurism? You decide. Justin Harvey from Accenture on ways attackers are bypassing 2-factor authentication on mobile devices. Guest is Gretel Egan from Proofpoint on the shift toward human-centric security.