The CyberWire Daily Podcast 7.9.19
Ep 880 | 7.9.19

Security issues with Zoom for Macs. Astaroth fileless malware reported in Brazil. GoBotKR distributed by torrent. ICO hits British Airways with a record fine. State attacks and state defenses.

Show Notes

Zoom user security appears to have been sacrificed on the altar of user experience. The fileless Astaroth Trojan is again in circulation, mostly, for now, in Brazil. Torrents are distributing the GoBot2 backdoor. The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office clobbers British Airways with a record fine under GDPR, probably to encourage all the rest of us. Croatian government offices are spearphished. Iran says it’s now got an attack-proof comms system. And NSA’s IG reports.  Joe Carrigan from JHU ISI on security issues with D-Link routers. Guest is Martin Mckeay from Akamai on their most recent State of the Internet report.