The CyberWire Daily Podcast 7.12.19
Ep 883 | 7.12.19

Buhtrap gets into the spying game. US cyber operations against Iran considered: there are both strategic and Constitutional issues. Election security. Water bills. And again with the WannaCry.

Show Notes

Buhtrap moves from financial crime to cyber espionage. There may have been as many as three distinct US cyber operations against Iran late last month. The US legislative and executive branches continue to try to sort out Constitutional issues surrounding cyber conflict. The US Intelligence Community tell Congress that there are “active threats” to upcoming elections. One city’s cyber woes will be expressed in water bills. And WannaCry may ride again, if you don’t patch. Mike Benjamin from CenturyLink on DNS scanning they’re tracking. Guest is Martha Saunders, President of the University of West Florida, on how her institution is adapting to meet the workforce needs for cyber security professionals.