The CyberWire Daily Podcast 7.16.19
Ep 885 | 7.16.19

GandCrab hoods may be back with new ransomware. Video-on issues. Broadcom-Symantec talks are off, for now. Treason or just business? Robo-calls. A decryptor for Ims0rry ransomware.

Show Notes

The retirement of GandCrab’s hoods may have been exaggerated. Video conferencing tools RingCentral and Zhumu may have picked up Zoom’s issues in the tech they licensed. Broadcom’s projected acquisition of Symantec is on hold, at least for now. One Silicon Valley executive calls another company “treasonous.” The US FCC wants to reign in robo-calls. And there’s a free decryptor out for Ims0rry ransomware. Emily Wilson from Terbium Labs on recent Terbium research on transnational crime. Guest is Wim Coekaerts from Oracle on security in the age of AI.