The CyberWire Daily Podcast 7.25.19
Ep 892 | 7.25.19

News about Russian and Chinese government threat actors. Powerful crimeware active in Brazil. BlueKeep really needs to be patched. Messenger Kids issues. Dispatches from the cryptowars.

Show Notes

Did you know that Fancy Bear has taken to wearing a Monokle? A new Chinese cyber espionage campaign is identified. Intrusion Truth tracks APT17 to Jinan, and China’s Ministry of State Security. Guildma malware is active in Brazil, and may be spreading. BlueKeep is out in the wild, and now available to pentesters. Facebook’s Messenger Kids app has been behaving badly. And an update on the cryptowars, with some dispatches from the American front. Michael Sechrist from Booz Allen Hamilton on municipalities paying ransomware. Guest is Eric Murphy from SpyCloud on threat intelligence at scale.