The CyberWire Daily Podcast 7.30.19
Ep 895 | 7.30.19

Capital One sustains a major data breach. Phishing in LinkedIn. VxWorks patches and mitigations. Brute-forcing NAS credentials. LAPD doxed?

Show Notes

Iranian social engineers are phishing in LinkedIn, baiting the hook with a bogus job offer. WindRiver fixes VxWorks bugs. Network Attached Storage is being brute-forced. Capital One sustains a major data breach affecting 106 million customers, and a suspect is in custody, thanks largely to her incautious online boasting. A hacker claims to have doxed members of the Los Angeles Police Department.  Ben Yelin from UMD CHHS on cities piloting aerial surveillance programs. Tamika Smith interviews Noam Cohen from the New Yorker on California’s new law regulating bots.