The CyberWire Daily Podcast 7.31.19
Ep 896 | 7.31.19

Capital One breach update. CISA warns of avionics CAN bus vulnerabilities. More attacks on local Louisiana governments. Change at the SEC. Cyber summer school for NATO, EU diplomats.

Show Notes

Capital One takes a market hit from its data loss. Observers see the incident as a reminder that cloud users need to pay attention to their configurations. CISA warns of vulnerabilities in small, general aviation aircraft. Another parish in Louisiana is hit with a cyberattack. The SEC’s top cyber enforcer is moving on from the Commission. And diplomats go to cyber summer school in Estonia. It’s not a coding bootcamp, but it should give them the lay of the cyber land.  Jonathan Katz from UMD on speculation of what a quantum internet might involve. Guest is Jessica Gulick from Katzcy Consulting on the Wicked6 eSports-style cyber competition coming to Las Vegas during Black Hat & Defcon.