The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.1.19
Ep 897 | 8.1.19

Capital One investigation update. Don’t give up on the cloud. Exposed databases and backdoors. Cybercrime as high-stakes poker. Phishing the financials. Bots on holiday.

Show Notes

Investigators pursue the possibility that the alleged Capital One hacker might have hit other companies’ data. An exposed ElastiSearch database, now secured, was found at Honda Motors. Data from beauty retailer Sephora are found on the dark web. Defenders are urged to think of themselves as in a poker game with the opposition. Phishing remains the biggest threat to financial services. And what vacation spots attract the eyes of bots? Emily Wilson from Terbium Labs with more details from their recent fraud and international crime report. Guest is Giovanni Vigna from Lastline with thoughts on the upcoming Black Hat conference.