The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.2.19
Ep 898 | 8.2.19

Spearphishing utility companies. Bellingcat as gadfly, and target. Facebook takes down more coordinated inauthenticity. Card skimming. Tech regulation. Random acts of cruelty.

Show Notes

LookBack malware used in spearphishing campaigns against US utilities. Phishing Bellingcat. Facebook takes down two campaigns of coordinated inauthenticity that had been active in the Middle East and North Africa. The growing problem of online card skimming. The FTC’s investigation of Facebook centers on acquisitions. The Fed visits Amazon. And followers of a YouTube streamer treat the homeless as punchlines in a big practical joke. Prof. Awais Rashid from University of Bristol on the ability to “smell” security issues in software. Guest is Matt Howard from Sonotype on their State of the Software Supply Chain report.