The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.6.19
Ep 900 | 8.6.19

Fancy Bear is snuffling around corporate IoT devices. Machete takes its cuts at Venezuelan military targets. What Mr. Kim is buying. MegaCortex goes for automation. Vigilantes, misconfigurations, etc.

Show Notes

Fancy Bear is back, and maybe in your office printer. El Machete, a cyber espionage group active at least since 2014, is currently working against the Venezuelan military. A UN report allegedly offers a look at what Mr. Kim is doing with the money his hackers raked in. MegaCortex ransomware shows growing automation. Another unsecured AWS S3 bucket is found. A bank stores some PINs in a log file. Vigilante smishing. And when popping off becomes arguably criminal. Craig Williams from Cisco Talos with updates on Sea Turtle. Guest is Chris Roberts from Attivo Networks with a preview of his Black Hat keynote, A Hacker’s Perspective, Where Do We Go From Here?