The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.8.19
Ep 902 | 8.8.19

Hacking in the Gulf region. Vulnerability research into airliner avionics. Phishing and ransomware move to the cloud. EU data responsibilities. US bans five Chinese companies.

Show Notes

Tensions in the Gulf are accompanied by an increase in cyber optempo. A warning about vulnerable airliner avionics. Phishing is moving to the cloud, and so is ransomware. Android’s August patches address important Wi-Fi issues. An EU court decision clarifies data responsibilities. The US bans contractors from dealing with five Chinese companies. Bogus Equifax settlement sites are established for fraud. Our guests are both offering insights and observations from this year’s Black Hat conference. Matt Aldridge is from Webroot and Bob Huber is CSO at Tenable.