The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.9.19
Ep 903 | 8.9.19

Voting machine security. Airliner firmware. Attribution and deterrence in cyberwar. Monitoring social media. Broadcom buys Symantec’s enterprise security business. Policing, privacy, and an IoT OS.

Show Notes

Are voting machines too connected for comfort? Airliner firmware security is in dispute. Attribution, deterrence, and the problem of an adversary who doesn’t have much to lose. Monitoring social media for signs of violent extremism. Broadcom will buy Symantec’s enterprise business for $10.7 billion. Amazon’s Ring and the police. A CISA update on VxWorks vulnerabilities. And human second-guessing of AI presents some surprising privacy issues.  Justin Harvey from Accenture with his insights from the Black Hat show floor. Guest is Tim Tully from Splunk on the AI race between the US and China.