The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.16.19
Ep 908 | 8.16.19

ECB sustains an intrusion into a third-party-hosted service. Norman quietly mines Monero. MetaMorph appears in a stealthy phishing campaign. Information operations.

Show Notes

The European Central Bank shutters a service due to a hostile intrusion. Norman quietly mines Monero. MetaMorph passes through email security filters. Some Capital One insiders thought they saw trouble brewing. Instagram crowd-sources epistemology. Deep fakes are well and good, but the will to believe probably gets along just fine with shallow fakes. US Cyber Command posts North Korea’s Electric Fish malware to VirusTotal. Johannes Ullrich from the SANS Technology Institute on IP fragmentation in operating systems. Guest is John Smith from ExtraHop on the aftermath of an insurance claim.