The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.26.19
Ep 914 | 8.26.19

BioWatch info potentially exposed. Scammers indicted. Ukrainian cryptojacking exposed sensitive data. Social engineering notes. Boo birds and lawsuits. Data use and privacy. Low-earth orbit hack.

Show Notes

BioWatch info exposed. Patched vulnerabilities are weaponized in the wild. Romance and other scam indictments name eighty defendants. Cryptomining and data exposure. Social engineering with a sheen of multi-factor authentication. Suing the boo birds and the people who let them in. The road to unhappiness is paved with mutually exclusive good intentions. And alleged identity theft from low-earth orbit. Craig Williams from Cisco Talos discussing Heaven’s Gate RAT. Guest is Mike Weber from Coalfire on their recently published Penetration Risk Report.