The CyberWire Daily Podcast 9.13.19
Ep 927 | 9.13.19

CRASHOVERRIDE tried to be worse than it was. InnfiRAT scouts for wallets. Simjacker exploited in the Middle East. SINET 16 are out. Pentesting scope. Back up your files, Mayor.

Show Notes

The Ukrainian electrical grid hack seems, on further review, to have been designed to do far more damage than it actually accomplished. InnfiRAT is scouting for access to cryptocurrency wallets. A sophisticated threat actor is using Simjacker for surveillance on phones in the Middle East. The SINET 16 have been announced. A penetration test goes bad due to a misunderstanding of scope, and Baltimore decides, hey, it might be a good idea to back up files.  Johannes Ullrich from the SANS Technology Institute on web spam systems. Guest is Rosa Smothers from KnowBe4 discussing her career journey and the importance of diversity in tech.