The CyberWire Daily Podcast 9.18.19
Ep 930 | 9.18.19

Tortoiseshell threat-actor active in the Middle East. Simjacker less dangerous than thought? Decentralizing cyber attack. The Ortis affair. Mr. Snowden’s book deal.

Show Notes

A newly discovered threat actor, “Tortoiseshell,” has been active against targets in the Middle East. The Simjacker vulnerability may not be as widely exploitable as early reports led many to believe. The US Army seems committed to decentralizing cyber operations along long-familiar artillery lines. Joint Task Force Ares continues to keep an eye on ISIS. Canada seeks to reassure allies over the Orts affair. And the Justice Department wants any royalties Mr. Snowden’s book might earn. Daniel Prince from Lancaster University on cyber security as a force multiplier. Guest is Brian Roddy from Cisco on securing the multi-cloud.