The CyberWire Daily Podcast 9.20.19
Ep 932 | 9.20.19

Coordinated inauthenticity in five countries draws action from Twitter. Cryptomining continues. Huawei fights its ban in US Federal court. Notes from CISA’s Cybersecurity Summit.

Show Notes

Twitter details actions against coordinated inauthenticity in Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Ecuador, Spain, and China. Tension with Iran remain high, but cyber action hasn’t sharply spiked. The Smominru botnet installs malware, including miners, and kicks other malicious code out of infected machines. Panda cryptojackers are careless but effective. Huawei says it’s the victim of a bill of attainder. And notes from CISA’s National Cybersecurity Summit.  Malek Ben Salem from Accenture labs on the security aspects of facial recognition systems. Guest is Henry Harrison CTO of Garrison on Hardsec, a new approach to security that came out of the UK.