The CyberWire Daily Podcast 9.24.19
Ep 934 | 9.24.19

Utility phishing. Google wins on the right to be forgotten. Transatlantic data transfer. Responsible state behavior in cyberspace. Huawei and 5G. Permanent Record, temporarily phishbait.

Show Notes

APT10 has been phishing in US utilities. Google wins a big round over the EU’s right to be forgotten. European courts are also considering binding contractual clauses and Privacy Shield, which together have facilitated transatlantic data transfer. Twenty-seven nations agree on “responsible state behavior in cyberspace.” A hawkish take on Huawei’s 5G ambitions. And Edward Snowden’s book is being used as phishbait (not, we hasten to say, by Mr. Snowden). Johannes Ullrich from the SANS Technology Institute on the security issues with local host web servers. Guest is Fleming Shi from Barracuda with research on city/state ransomware attacks.