The CyberWire Daily Podcast 9.26.19
Ep 936 | 9.26.19

Lazarus Group in India. Suspected Chinese APT uses fake Narrator. Fleeceware. DNI testimony. TalkTalk hacker charged in US. Yahoo breach compensation. Chameleon spam campaign.

Show Notes

North Korea’s Lazarus Group is active against targets in India. A “suspected Chinese advanced persistent threat group” is exploiting a Windows accessibility feature. Sophos warns of “fleeceware.” US DNI testifies efore the House Intelligence Committee. The TalkTalk hacker and an alleged accomplice are indicted on US charges. What’s involved in receiving compensation in the Yahoo breach settlement. And notes on the Chameleon spam campaign. Jonathan Katz from George Mason University with an overview of salting and hashing. Guest is Greg Martin from JASK on DOJ’s efforts to improve outreach with hackers.