The CyberWire Daily Podcast 10.3.19
Ep 941 | 10.3.19

A new threat group, Avivore, is called out in the Airbus hack. Ransomware and VPN exploit warnings. EU tells Facebook to take down some content, everywhere. Spearphishing ANU. SandCat’s bad opsec.

Show Notes

Who’s been hacking aerospace firms? Context Security suggests it’s a new Chinese threat actor, “Avivore.” The FBI issues a ransomware alert. The NCSC warns of active exploitation of vulnerable VPNs. The EU issues a sweeping takedown order to Facebook. US Senators ask Facebook about deep fakes. Spearphishing at the Australian National University. FireEye may be for sale. And the SandCat threat group shows poor opsec. Craig Williams from Cisco Talos on maliciously crafted ODT files. Guest is Yoav Leitersdof of YL Ventures with insights on the VC market in Israel.