The CyberWire Daily Podcast 10.8.19
Ep 944 | 10.8.19

Riding herd on Mustang Panda. Drupalgeddon2 is out in the wild. VPN warnings and mitigations. Patch notes. An offer to share intelligence about Huawei. Presidential sites get low privacy grades.

Show Notes

An update on Mustang Panda, and its pursuit of the goals outlined in the Thirteenth Five Year Plan. Unpatched Drupal instances are being hit as targets of opportunity. NSA adds its warnings to those of CISA and NCSC concering widely used VPNs: if you use them, patch them. (And change your credentials). Five Senators tell Microsoft, nicely, that Redmond is naive about Huawei. Patch Tuesday is here. And US Presidential campaign websites get privacy grades. Johannes Ullrich from the SANS Technology Institute on server side request forging. Guest is Jadee Hanson from Code42 with the results of their 2019 Global Data Exposure Report.