The CyberWire Daily Podcast 10.16.19
Ep 950 | 10.16.19

Cyber retaliation for a kinetic attack, again. Industrial espionage from China. Botnet does sextortion. Typosquatting the other candidate. A poor approach to reputation management.

Show Notes

The US may have retaliated in cyberspace for Iran’s strikes against Saudi oil fields. China’s new C919 airliner seems to have benefited greatly from industrial espionage. An old botnet learns new tricks. Typosquatting as an election influence trick. A look at price lists in the Criminal-to-Criminal marketplace. Recovering from ransomware. And when it comes to reputation management, there’s not so much a right to be forgotten as there is a right to fuggeddaboutit, if your get what we mean. Justin Harvey from Accenture on ESports gaining popularity in cyber security. Guest is Aashka, a high school junior who helped plan the Raytheon Girl Scouts National Cyber Challenge.