The CyberWire Daily Podcast 10.18.19
Ep 952 | 10.18.19

Clickfraud and third-parties (both SDKs and stores). Trojanized TOR browser steals from Russian users. WiFi bugs. Sketchy jailbreak. Big Tech on free speech. Cooperation against terrorism.

Show Notes

Clickfraud arrives via a third-party SDK, and the app developers who used it say they didn’t know nuthin’. Maybe they didn’t. A Trojanized TOR browser warns its bro’s that, whoa, you’re out of date and the police might see you, but it’s really just stealing the bros’ alt-coin. WiFi bugs are fixed in Kindle and Alexa. Don’t try to jailbreak your iPhone from a sketchy Checkrain site. Two Big Tech companies take different directions on free speech. And Russia gets an assist from Uncle Sam. Craig Williams from Cisco Talos on a Tortoiseshell creating a fake veteran’s job site. Guest is Caleb Barlow from Cynergistek on the challenges of securing medical records.