The CyberWire Daily Podcast 10.25.19
Ep 957 | 10.25.19

Spearphishing the UN and NGOs. Clickware kicked out of app stores. ICS security notes. Close-reading the Turla false-flag reports. A good use for the dark web. Senators call for investigations.

Show Notes

A spearphishing campaign is found targeting humanitarian, aid, and policy organizaitons. Google and Apple remove clickfraud-infested apps from their stores. A last look back at SecurityWeek’s 2019 ICS Cyber Security Conference, which wrapped up in Atlanta yesterday afternoon. Close- reading GCHQ and NSA advisories. The BBC takes to the dark web, in a good way. And Senators call for investigations of Amazon and TikTok. David Dufour from Webroot with research on phishing. Guest is Jeremy N. Smith, author and host of The Hacker Next Door podcast.