The CyberWire Daily Podcast 10.29.19
Ep 959 | 10.29.19

Fancy Bear paws at anti-doping agencies. Johannesburg says no to the Shadow Kill Hackers. Adwind jRAT’s new misdirection. US FCC versus Huawei, ZTE. Georgia hacked.

Show Notes

Fancy Bear is pawing at anti-doping agencies, again, suggesting more to come for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Johannesburg has declined to pay the Shadow Kill Hackers the money they demanded. Adwind jRAT has gotten a bit harder to detect. The US FCC is considering a measure that would prevent certain funds from being used to purchase Huawei or ZTE gear. Pwn2Own goes ICS. Georgia is hit by unknown hackers, and Magecart appears in an American Cancer Society website. Daniel Prince from Lancaster University on risk management and uncertainty. Guest is Robb Reck from Ping Identity with their research, 5 Steps to Improve API Security.