The CyberWire Daily Podcast 11.1.19
Ep 962 | 11.1.19

Cyber espionage. Russia tries Web autarky. The US will investigate TikTok. A bad keyboard app is out of Google Play but still in circulation. Crime comes to e-sports. Happy hundredth, GCHQ.

Show Notes

FireEye warns of Messagetap malware and its spying on SMS. NSO Group’s Pegasus troubles seem to be expanding. Russia prepares to disconnect its Internet. The US opens a national security investigation into TikTok. An Android keyboard app is making bogus purchases and doing other adware stuff. E-sports draw criminal attention. And happy birthday, GCHQ. Robert M. Lee from Dragos on why it’s important for him to set aside time for teaching. Guest is Phil Quade from Fortinet on his recently published book, The Digital Big Bang, which makes an analogy between the Big Bang that created our Universe, and the explosion of bits & chaos in humankind’s age of cyber.