The CyberWire Daily Podcast 11.7.19
Ep 966 | 11.7.19

US off-off-year elections go off OK, but don’t get cocky, kids. US charges three in Saudi spy case. Adware dropping apps removed from Google Play. Patch Confluence.

Show Notes

The US off-off-year elections seem to have gone off largely free of interference, but officials caution that major foreign influence campaigns can be expected in 2020. Three former Twitter employees are charged with spying for Saudi Arabia. The website defacement campaign in Georgia remains unattributed. Google boots seven adware droppers from the Play Store. Phishers are using web analytics for better hauls. And nation-states are targeting unpatched Confluence. Johannes Ullrich from the SANS Technology Institute on encrypted SNI in TLS 1.3 and how that can be used for domain fronting. Guest is Kevin O’Brien from GreatHorn on managing email threats.