The CyberWire Daily Podcast 11.14.19
Ep 970 | 11.14.19

PureLocker ransomware. APT33 update. Hong Kong and information war, in the courts and on PornHub. Facebook content takedowns. Alleged criminals prepare to face the court.

Show Notes

PureLocker is a new ransomware strain available in the black market. APT33 is showing a surge of activity. Lawfare and information operations in and around Hong Kong. Facebook takes down content for violating its Community Standards. And two alleged cyber criminals are facing charges: one is allegedly the former proprietor of Cardplanet, the other was selling a remote administrative tool the RCMP says was really a different kind of RAT. Justin Harvey from Accenture on the increasing use of biometrics in security. Guest is Jennifer Ayers from Crowdstrike with the insights from their Overwatch threat hunting report.