The CyberWire Daily Podcast 11.21.19
Ep 975 | 11.21.19

Refined Kitten paws at ICS. Debunking BlueKeep rumors. FBI warns Detroit of cyber threats. The UN’s long deliberation over cybercrime. Cryptowars. 5G security and a 5G czar. Ransomware updates.

Show Notes

Refined Kitten seems to be up to something, perhaps in the control system world. Microsoft debunks claims about Teams, BlueKeep, and Doppelpaymer ransomware. The FBI warns the auto industry that it’s attracting attackers’ attention. A new attack technique, RIPlace, is described. Phineas Fisher’s bouty, considered. The UN, the AG, and the course of the cryptowars. Does America need a 5G czar? And ransomware from Baton Rouge to Rouen. Michael Sechrist from BAH on third party malware risks. Guest is Bill Connor from SonicWall with results from their Q3 Threat Data Report.