The CyberWire Daily Podcast 11.25.19
Ep 977 | 11.25.19

Arrest by algorithm. Dangers of data enrichment. Golden Falcon in Kazakhstan. FCC vs. Huawei and ZTE. Internet sovereignty. Chuckling Squad popped for Twitter caper. Other crime and punishment.

Show Notes

A defection and a leak expose Chinese espionage and social control operations. Data aggregation and enrichment seem to underlie a big inadvertent data exposure. Something seems to be up in Kazakhstan’s networks. The US FCC takes a swing at Huawei and ZTE. Russia moves closer to its desired Internet sovereignty. A Chuckling Squad member is in custody. A spy goes to prison, cyber hoods do time, and the rats are up to no good in Estonia. That’s the rodents, not the Trojans. Caleb Barlow from Cynergistek with insights gained from a scammer’s call.