The CyberWire Daily Podcast 11.26.19
Ep 978 | 11.26.19

Potentially malicious SDKs draw cease-and-desist letters. Nursing homes get ransom demands. A look back at the Sony Pictures hack. CISA offers advice on safe online shopping.

Show Notes

Twitter and Facebook warn of potentially malicious software development kits being used by app developers to, potentially, harvest and monetize users’ data. Nursing homes affected by a third-party ransomware incident receive extortion demands that amount to some $14 million. THe Hollywood Reporter retails skeptical musings about the Sony Pictures hack on the fifth anniversary of the North Korean attack. And CISA offers advice for safe holiday shopping. Justin Harvey from Accenture with thoughts on smart cities. Guest is Sam Bakken from OneSpan on mobile app developers protecting against jailbreaking.