The CyberWire Daily Podcast 12.4.19
Ep 982 | 12.4.19

Lazarus Group interested in thorium reactors? Disinformation by phishing. ZeroCleare wiper in the wild. NATO addresses cyber conflict. NotPetya litigation. Black market takedown.

Show Notes

North Korea’s Lazarus Group may have been looking for Indian reactor design information. A possible case of Russian influence operations, served up by phishing, is under investigation in the UK. The ZeroCleare wiper malware is out and active in the wild. NATO’s summit addresses cyber conflict, and a big NotPetya victim challenges insurers’ contentions that the malware was an act of war. And an international police action takes down a black market spyware souk. Michael Sechrist from Booz Allen Hamilton on security concerns with messaging apps like Slack. Guest is Roger Hale from YL Ventures on the changing role of the CISO when it comes to managing risk.