The CyberWire Daily Podcast 12.12.19
Ep 988 | 12.12.19

False flags and attack kit hijacking. Maze ransomware in Pensacola. China’s own OS. Crypto Wars update. TrickBot phishing. And Krampus spoils Christmas.

Show Notes

Flying false flags, and borrowing someone else’s attack tools as the mast you use to run them up. The Pensacola cyber attack has been identified as involving Maze ransomware. China moves toward building its own autarkic operating system. US Senate Judiciary Committee hearings take an anti-encryption turn. TrickBot is phishing with payroll phishbait. And Krampus malware is punishing iPhone users as they shop during the holidays. Tom Etheridge VP of services from CrowdStrike, introducing himself. Guest is Dean Sysman from Axonius on S3 security flaws.