The CyberWire Daily Podcast 12.13.19
Ep 989 | 12.13.19

Phishing for credentials. Compromised Telegram accounts. Lateral movement. Crypto Wars updates. Data retention compliance. Iago did it for the lulz.

Show Notes

Parties unknown are phishing for government credentials in at least eight countries. Some other parties unknown are compromising Telegram accounts in Russia. Lateral movement is in the news, but not the good, Lamar Jackson kind. A familiar order of battle in the Crypto Wars emerges, again. NSA’s IG reports on SIGINT data retention. And a peek into what we suppose we must call the minds of some of the people hacking Ring systems. Daniel Prince from Lancaster University on Cyber security testbeds for IoT research. Guest is David Belson with Internet Society on Russian “Sovereign Internet” Law.